Cow Peas and Wish Lists

Vegetable GardenWelcome to our first agriculture update for the year! First off, vegetables – we’re harvesting tons of Chinese cabbage, kale, and choy sum, many different kinds of lettuce for our lunch and dinner salads, round Thai eggplant for delicious green curry and long green eggplant for those fiery basil stir fries, some lovely juicy zucchini, and much more. The bananas and papaya are still producing abundantly, and we have much more than we can eat at breakfast! We even have a volunteer on full-time ‘papaya duty’ to make desserts, smoothies, and snacks and also to prepare the fruit for freeze storage so we don’t waste any of it.

The current rice harvest has been completed and we’re now waiting on the rainy season to plant our next crop of delicious, healthy brown rice.

Rice fieldsIn order to replenish the soil, we’re going to use the technique of green manure, which involves planting a crop in the field and then plowing it into the earth. This adds organic nutrients such as nitrogen to the soil, increases the organic matter present, and prevents soil erosion and degeneration. Our chosen green manure crops are cow peas (also known as bush beans). We’re planning to harvest the tender young pods, store the dried beans, feed some of the plants to our family of cows, and till the rest back into the soil. Any spare space will be used for planting pumpkin and corn.

If you’d like to support New Life’s organic farming projects and our goal to become a learning centre for sustainability, a great way to help is by donating new tools and equipment. Please have a look on our “wish list” of things that we desperately need on the farm. You can support us by:

* Bringing items over with you if you come to visit the foundation.

* Mailing items in the post. Our address is:

New Life Foundation, 49 Moo 1, Don Sila, Wiang Chai, Chiang Rai, 57210, THAILAND

* Sending a donation through Paypal or bank transfer. Please mark the transfer clearly with the reference “Farm Equipment Donation” and send us a quick note at to let us know what you would like to donate.

If you need more information, feel free to contact us at and we’ll happily answer any questions you have about our farming projects!

NB: There are plenty of rubber boots to be found in Thailand but our problem is that the size range is very limited, so we need bigger sizes for our larger residents and volunteers.


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