Comrades in Arms

Steve & SeppoHaving started on my path to enlightenment at the New Life Foundation, mostly willingly, there are times when the old mantle is easily worn again. Sometimes the comfort of the known is preferable to the exploration of the potential, and the new.

Those times are hard, and its amazing how help crops up when needed. It may be a kind word or communication from another. It maybe the environment, or merely the passage of time. But mostly, others at the foundation are the lynch pin to a helping hand.

Two such characters I’ve got to know during my time here, and whether they know it or not, have become an intrinsic part of the fabric of the New Life Foundation. Steve and Seppo, each fellow compatriots on the road to freedom, and each with immense stories. Their insight into life, and awareness of others needs has come from their experiences, and their hearts are firmly in the right place.  I salute these two people, and am honoured to know them.


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