Coming Home Again

Would you like to introduce yourself?

Carlie, volunteerHi, I’m Carlie. I’m 34 years old and I’m from The Netherlands. Last summer I graduated in biological dynamic  farming, on the Warmhonderhof in The Netherlands.

Why are you here at New Life?

In the past I had problems with depression and I used alcohol and drugs, I put in much effort to get a healthy life again. Then after my relationship broke up, leaving me with a broken heart, I was afraid I would fall back into my bad habits and that’s why I chose to come to New Life. I have come back for another week to revisit the Foundation as a volunteer.

How did you find out about New Life?

Through WWOOF, one of my teachers advised me to have a look at their website for volunteering then I found New Life and liked what they had to offer.

What is your most memorable and enjoyable moment in New Life?

There were lots of enjoyable moments but the things that really stand out were the silent retreats – I enjoyed them very much.

What kind of work do you do as a resident or volunteer?

I started as a resident and I worked as an English teacher, teaching the Thai children at the local school. I also spent time on the agriculture and green teams and helped out in the kitchen.

Were there difficulties or challenges you encountered?

Yes. I found it difficult to express myself, especially when I was coping with my own problems. Also it was sometimes a challenge for me to live in a community.

How would you sum up your New Life experience for future residents and volunteers?

Follow your intuition. My experience was excellent for my process and development.

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  1. Thank you for telling your story. Real and personal histories are so much more compelling than the usual advertising. You put a face on it. You make it real.

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