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Insight Dialogue Retreat: Kalyana-mitta (Spiritual Friendship) and the Power and Challenge of Meditating Together

with Sukhacitto Bikkhu assisted by Rosalie Dores, 7 – 14 January 2017. Based in Vipassana meditation, Insight Dialogue brings the mindfulness and tranquility of traditional silent meditation practice into our interactions with others through dialogue. In this retreat we meditate with each other…

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5Rhythms Workshop

with Jo Cobbett, 21-23 November, 2016. This 5Rhythms® weekend is a dive into our inner landscape with movement, exercises and presence. It is about discovering the transformational power of movement through embodiment: presence inside of vitality. This is a dance of the self within the collective field, and through meeting ourselves in this dynamic moving meditation we can find our centre, our connection, and our community. We will explore: how we follow and receive, meeting the ground with fluid engagement; how we express and shape life, meeting our edge and through form and intention embrace the fire within, and; how we integrate these and discover our own commitment and surrender, becoming the dance.

Kind Awareness Retreat

with Jason Murphy, 5-12 November, 2016. This retreat will be an opportunity to deepen into the practices of mindfulness, concentration and compassion. These age-old techniques will be offered in a practical and pragmatic form designed to help the participants gain insight into the nature of this mind/body experience as well as develop a kind-hearted approach to the struggles of life. Each day will include gentle guided instruction, silent reflection, walking and eating meditation, and mindful movement (Qi Gong). Each evening will feature a dharma talk (teaching of the Buddha) and specific instruction in developing open-heartedness.