Creative Workshop, New Life

Creative Therapy Workshop

Life coach Tom van den Beemd offered a creative workshop centred around the theme of ‘Your Life Path’. The brief was to create an art installation using masking tape, pens and pastels, and any other materials we could find in the gardens to illustrate a vision of our life’s path…

Women's Circle

Women’s Circle

In this blog post Susan Munro shares her personal experience with the women’s circle: “I am dazzled by how people discard their masks and speak from the heart. It is such a rare thing in society to be confronted with the raw person, unvarnished and unabridged.”


Benefits of TRE

TRE is one way to heal trauma. TRE stands for Tension/Trauma Releasing Exercises. Consisting of six simple exercises, TRE evokes a muscular shaking process in the body. When evoked in this way, this shaking begins to release deep chronic muscular tension held within the body. At New Life Foundation, we currently have two qualified TRE practitioners…