Candice Experiences Mindfulness And The Simple Life

Candice, volunteerCandice, a Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner from Scotland and now living in Dubai, talks to us about her short stay here as a volunteer.

1. How would you best describe yourself?

Hi, I’m Candice. I’m from Scotland/London but I live in Dubai where I work as a hypnotherapist and
NLP practitioner. I love living in such a diverse and wonderful city where I talk to people from many
different countries every day and have learnt about Arab/Islamic culture. I love traveling and learning
new things and I’m always keen to learn more about myself.

2. What is the reason you are here at New Life?

I’m at New Life as a volunteer for two weeks to explore mindfulness, find time to practice my
meditation and finally try out yoga after years of wanting to and not getting around to it, and to live a
simple life with people from around the world.

3. How did you find out about New Life?

I did a temple stay in the small town of Fang in Chiang Mai province a couple of years ago. One of
the friends I made at the temple posted a link to New Life on his Facebook and I knew immediately I
wanted to visit.

4. What is your most memorable and enjoyable moment at New Life?

I don’t have one single experience which stands out as I’ve had many wonderful, memorable
experiences. I adore starting each day with yoga as the sun rises over the beautiful landscape around
us. I love taking care of the ducks each morning too and I really enjoy the overnight noble silence
which means we have breakfast in silence and with mindfulness each morning. I’ve also greatly
enjoyed doing hypnotherapy/NLP with some volunteers and residents as it complements the mindful
atmosphere and the work that residents are doing with their great life coaches.

5. What kind of work do you do as a volunteer?

My working day starts with the fun of feeding over one hundred noisy and hungry ducks and collecting their eggs, which we eat here at New Life. I’m then outdoors working on the agriculture team on the organic farm. Lately I’ve spent a lot of time in the office working on the New Life for Naha
fundraising appeal as I’m from a fundraising background. I feel so lucky to have been here when the
appeal started so I could be so closely involved with writing the fundraising material, setting up the
personal fundraising pages, etc. I’ve loved working on that and encouraging everybody to get involved and contributing to this very worthwhile appeal to help Naha.

6. Did you encounter any difficulties or challenges?

It took a bit of getting used to the fact that appointments/meetings at New Life often start late.
However, I chose to view this as another learning opportunity for me. With a bit of effort I improved
my patience and accepted that it was for me to fit into how things are done at New Life, not for New
Life to fit in with me. My effort was rewarded with less frustration so it was well worth it!

7. If you had to sum up your experience here at New Life in one line for future volunteers, what would it be?

New Life was a wonderful experience for me. It’s a place of warmth and sharing and of healing and
discovery. I found the supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere very inspiring in everything from yoga
to farming to kitchen work to the fun activities such as hiking and basketball. I’m already booked to
return in June!

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