Builder of Dreams

by Samina Khan

johanMany people speak of the “magic” that exists here at New Life – the tangible sense of community, the support and love and care that weaves out amongst us and that is the fabric that supports the deep healing and transformation that we witness weekly. Yet, all of these elements rest on the bed rock of one thing: Johan’s vision.  We are because of him. Because of his vision, his generosity, his passion and his kindness – we are made possible.

Johan was a dream builder and we inhabit the dream he built. He was also a fire lighter, sensing the latent potentials that exist within each of us and urging us all on to burn more brightly. Today our hearts are heavy with your loss but what is  undeniable is that your sparks have lit fires all around the world. And those fires will continue to burn as a testament to a man who made it possible.  We miss you and we love you and we’ll carry on your vision as best we can.


  1. He may no longer be here. But the change he brought, and the example he was for so many, me included, will have forever changed the world for the better.

    I interviewed him, and some other people at New Life, shortly after getting to know him. I can’t think of a better example of someone that proves how much one man can change the world around him. Ever since that interview, my life’s values have changed.

    Like stated above, he’s one of the few that could start the fire of change. We owe it to him to keep it burning, and to forever expand it’s reach.

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