Buddha’s Path is not an escalator.

Opinion by Phil Mitchell, New Life Foundation Staff

Buddha“Not in the sky, not in the midst of the sea, nor if we enter into the clefts of the mountains, is there known a spot in the whole world where a man might be freed from an evil deed.”  – The Buddha

If we take an honest look at the Eightfold Path, we see a pattern for our life that is universal.  Many religions and philosophies propound similar ideologies. In this world of gray, we can find black and white. Right and wrong. Do and do not do.

It can be quite comforting for us to know that we can stand strong in the correct choices (volition) we make. We can be happy knowing we create for ourselves a karma that will help us to escape the wheel of birth and constant re-birth.

But beware!  It is not an easy path to walk!   For when we start to walk along the Path, we actually have to walk!  The  Path is not an escalator!!  We put one foot in front of the other and walk.  Regardless of how fast or how slow we walk, we must keep walking!

As a salmon traveling upstream, we keep moving.

Or as the Buddha says, “..like a bee gathers honey..”

Keep gathering.  Keep walking.  Keep moving forward.

This and only this, will bring about change in our lives.   And the more things do not change, the more they stay the same!



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