Bridget’s Escape From A Destructive Relationship

Awakening Hall, PoolBridget, a middle-aged wife and mother from England, said her good-byes in this morning’s daily community meeting.  She told us,

‘I came to New Life because I had been trapped in a highly destructive relationship for many years and, however much I wanted to, I was incapable of getting out.  Not too long ago, I realized that if I didn’t get help soon, it would probably be too late.

Here at New Life, I have found support and help and have been shown the tools which can enable me to set myself free and live my own life.  At the same time I have had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful people and I have learned so much from them and from sharing their stories.

So, thank you to all the Life Coaches for helping me and setting me on a new track.  Thank you to all my fellow residents and volunteers, who have given me their friendship and support, not forgetting my old friend David (your maintenance man) because, always wise, it was he who a few months ago said, “Bridget, there’s this place called New Life Foundation.  I think it might be a good place for you.”

It has been a good place for me.  Thank you’.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story, Bridget. It will probably help others decide to do something about their own destructive situations. Best of luck ahead–a new life awaits.

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