Art Therapy with Strawalde

StrawaldeHow lucky are we? The New Life community is in for a treat next week when a special guest comes to stay at the foundation for a week.

Our guest is none other than painter, sculptor and film-maker Jürgen Böttcher, who may be better known by his pseudonym, Strawalde. One of the greats of German contemporary art and film, he was born in 1931 in Frankenberg, in the former East Germany, and spent a good part of his career in Dresden, studying and teaching art and doing freelance work. Although he was well-respected in intellectual circles, the GDR regime did not approve of his work, which was underscored by socialist and liberal ideals. Consequently, he was frequently the subject of political persecution, and Jürgen’s work only received the national and international recognition it deserved after the reunification in 1990.

While at New Life Foundation, Jürgen will lead art therapy workshops with our residents, and much more. We’re all incredibly curious and excited to see what his visit will bring – are you?



  1. Incredible! The man is a legend and one of the most influential creatives of the 20th century. Many of his pupils are household names in today’s European Art scene. Wish I was there… .

  2. To meet, Strawalde is a very interesting, passionate, and sociable guy.

    It’s hugely impressive that the man is such a highly awarded and honoured artist and film maker.

    But, in essence, Strawalde is driven by something altogether different.

    Strawalde’s life has been infused by his social conciousness, his cultural resistance to the repressive East German regime, his determination to live and work with integrity, and his championing of the experiences and reality lived by ordinary people.

    Choosing to stay and battle for integrity in the grim East German state, Strawalde put his values before self-interest, even self-preservation.

    All that time, learning about and experiencing Asian Culture has been a lifelong aspiration of his, and at last Strawalde is free to share, work, and be inspired by Asia.

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