Suffering from anxiety?

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mindfulness program

New Life Foundation is a non-profit therapeutic practice center in northern Thailand. We offer a supportive learning space for individuals looking for help with anxiety. In addition to core daily practices of mindfulness, meditation, community and yoga, our program offers one-on-one therapy and group workshops based on various modalities.

Our philosophy is to offer quality treatment at substantially lower prices than in your home countries. You are only charged for the actual cost of your stay.  We are a world class non-profit organisation that has been set up to help people like you to overcome your suffering and start living again.

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Our therapists are, above all, kind and caring individuals. We offer a range of evidence-based modalities that help those suffering with anxiety including Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), and more. You will work with two therapists every week to find what works for you.

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Our qualified therapists will guide you through a program built on principles from positive psychology and the Eightfold Path. In 5 weekly workshops, tackle self-love, relationships, identity/values, boundaries, communication and more. You’ll experiment with art therapy, nonviolent communication and compassionate sharing.



We believe that understanding our mind is the key to overcoming anxiety. You will learn to recognize your thoughts and emotions without attaching to them. Silent meditations are available daily as well as body scans, guided meditations on forgiveness, lovingkindness and more. You will learn to bring mindfulness off the cushion and into your daily life.

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At New Life you can choose to start your day with yoga, practice in the afternoon, or both. Our experienced instructors plan lessons suitable for all levels, so whether you’re an experienced yogi or just starting out, you’ll fit right in. Classes range in a variety of styles so you can choose the pace that fits you.

How Much Does It Cost?

The rates cover the full therapeutic program which includes a private en-suite room, 2 therapy sessions a week, daily workshops, 3 daily meals, swimming pool, sauna, steam bath, support groups and much more.

Our resident program fees are based on a sliding scale, allowing you to pay according to your individual means. To keep our doors open for as many people as possible we’ve established the lowest minimum contribution possible.

If you’re in financial difficulty, we invite you to apply to our scholarship program. Please enquire by email for more information.

Nightly Rates - Minimum Stay 30 Days

  • Reduced Rate1400 THB (≈ $43/€35 / £31)

    This discounted rate covers our most basic operational expenses.

  • Standard Rate1600 THB (≈ $49 / €40 / £36)

    This rate covers general operational expenses and maintenance of facilities.

  • Supporting Rate1900 THB (≈ $58 / €48 / £43)

    This rate covers general operational expenses, maintenance of facilities, and helps to contribute towards the scholarship program, offering those without the means a chance to join our program

Chen, 30, Israel

I had anxiety as far back as I can remember - I just didn’t have a name for it. As a small child I had general fear of the future, of growing up, my parents dying. It often manifested as unexplained headaches and stomach pains. I was shy and would often hide from people. From entering primary school until university, my anxieties were centered around that. I had a sense that I was failing all the time. I felt helpless and would procrastinate instead of dealing with things. I would drink, self harm or look for other ways to escape. I walked around with a sense of dread, often unable to sleep or eat properly. I had several panic attacks and doubted my ability to function.

When I first heard of New Life I knew it was for me. Everything about it sounded amazing. After just a few days I finally began to feel safe and relax. The community was so supportive, and I was amazed at the care I received from my therapists. Everyone around me was so inspiring and kind. I had the opportunity to experiment with everything from meditation retreats to working with my hands for the first time.

At New Life I learned everything I already knew: that my thoughts pass, that my feelings don’t define me, that everything is impermanent. Knowing those things on paper wasn’t enough, though: it was only at New Life that I could really feel them from within. I learned to regulate my emotions, to accept what was happening instead of trying to fight them and letting it spiral. My anxiety doesn’t paralyze me anymore. I can fully live.