An unusual volunteer!

ChesterAn interesting story arrived in my inbox this morning – and I have to say I like the sense of humour the volunteer who wrote this has!

Chester – 2 years, origin unknown. Chester took up residence at New Life Foundation a few months ago when she decided she needed a change.  Chester was born with a deformity (her tail has an odd blunt end); throughout her life, Chester has felt like the oddball. After several jobs that went nowhere, she decided to try something different.

“I’m just tired of the rat race,” she meowed. “I liked the idea of the slow pace here.” Her favorite part so far has been catching the mouse outside of Room 7. “It was rewarding to begin a project and be able to see it through to the end,” she mused. Volunteering in a shared community has helped her heal.

Living in a community does have its drawbacks. Her worst day was a day last week when she had a tickle behind her left ear and she couldn’t find anyone to scratch it. “I pretty much had to do it myself,” she says with some resignation. “But difficulties arise in everyone’s life. How you handle those difficulties is what matters. New Life has given me the tools to do that.”

Shortly after the interview, Chester was fast asleep in Room 13.


  1. chaster also does healing to you by being pampered, for reservation, stop her whenever she past you by 😉

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