American woman walking in circles to raise money for New Life.

Marni KravitzEven though she’s never visited New Life Foundation, Marni Kravitz is going all out to help us raise 100,000 Thai baht (about $3200 US).

A resident of Washington, DC, Marni spends part of the year in Nepal where she runs Yoga Nepal, a yoga pilgrimage in the Kathmandu Valley that combines an exploration of many Buddhist sacred sites with daily yoga and meditation.

On September 23, she will walk a 26-mile kora (walking in circles) at the Boudhanath Stupa, one of the most sacred sites in the Buddhist world.  Pilgrims have been doing circumambulations here for centuries as a way to connect with their spiritual heritage. Marni is asking people to support her walk by donating to New Life.

“When I looked at the New Life website and poured over everything you guys were doing,” she says, “I was immediately blown away by the truly holistic approach you have towards recovery. With an emphasis on mindfulness practices and sustainable living projects that connect individuals to the earth, to their community and to themselves, your programs are extremely innovative and I want to support this kind of healing. It’s very important work. So I figured, if there is some way I could help you succeed and continue to grow in new ways, then I want to do that. I also hope to come volunteer sometime.”

Marni chose Sept. 23 for her kora because, according to the Tibetan calendar, it is a Medicine Buddha day.  “I think this is fitting for an organization that brings healing and mindfulness to those who suffer from addiction, depression, burnout, and abuse,” she says.

In just a few days, Marni has already raised 21,000 baht.  You can join the growing circle of donors by visiting her Simply Giving page at  Donations may be made by PayPal or credit card.

To find out more about Marni’s program in Nepal, visit her website at

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