A Resident’s Gratitude For Her New Life

NobleFlowersShe writes to our co-director Kede.

Dear Cru Kede,
I don’t even know where to start or how to express my gratitude in words for you and New Life. But the experience as a resident here was a lot more than I expected. It was definitely a life-changing one even though it was such a short stay.
I’m so thankful for compassionate and mindful people here. Just being around them and talking to them for eight days cleansed my soul and heart. I’m glad that I could face myself in a place like this where we are surrounded by beautiful nature.
Before I started my Enneagram and personal work, there was no way I could ever share my struggle with other people. I’ve been so ashamed of myself and, honestly, I am still ashamed. But I was so relieved to have gotten this off my chest. It’s still very difficult to forgive myself but through my personal work and people here, I am slowing starting to look at things differently. I’d love to continue learning more about the Ennegram. My “new life” has begun here. Thank you million “bahts” for listening to me and opening my heart. Life feels easier now. I find myself staying mindful to myself now. I feel better about myself in general.

With love,

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