A message from our benefactor/friend Barry Walls

ButterflyBarry Walls is a much-appreciated benefactor of New Life Foundation.  He donated the
machine that processes the Jasmine rice we grow into brown rice.  Previously, we had to rely on local processing plants, so all we could get was less nutritious white rice.  Barry also pays for our tractor fuel each month.  “The ability to help is one of the small blessings I can give,” he writes in a recent email, sent along with this thoughtful poem.  Barry is a businessman in Belgium.  He has never visited New Life, but hopes to sometime before Christmas.  We look forward to welcoming him.

As I sit and wonder what my life should be,
I’m far too self-conscious to actually see,
So I meditate and try to find the truth,
But all that fills my head are the mistakes I made yesterday and in my youth,
All that came before has made me what I am,
And what I’m left with is that my future starts now not when I began,

The time to accept that you are the centre of yourself,
The place to come to understand that life flows from you not too you.
The space to see the funny side of yourself gives others the strength to smile,

The beauty in the flower is not just in its petals (that’s just for flower sex “birds and the bees”),
But in the roots and decaying mass that it grows from.
It’s great that you guys are creating that time, place, and space, for people to flower.

Your friend Barry

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