A Fine Floating Fishing House!

floating houseLast week our gardener and fishing enthusiast Pi Kling organized a small group of workers and constructed a new fishing pier on our lake. Residents and volunteers watched in awe each day as the pier seemed to walk itself right out into the lake. The progress was so quick you get the feeling that this wasn’t the first pier they had built. It was constructed entirely of bamboo and teak wood from our property. The icing on the cake was when Kling decided to add the floating  fishing hut! To call it just a raft would be simply obtuse. This little beauty comes complete with two benches, a table, a thatched roof, two fishing poles and power steering (aka bamboo push stick).

“Its wonderful! It reminds me of my grandmother’s summer cabin back in Finland. Its nice to have a different view and get more use of the lake,” says Hanne, one of our residents.

Manolo, a volunteer  says, “I like it so much I forget about the mosquitos!”

After a hot day in the sun the lake is a great place to unwind. Now we can go out on the lake, listen to the rippling water and birds chirping and appreciate all that we have. For those seeking tranquility the floating house will be a great way to find it. The pier is just another great addition to the ever growing atmosphere at New Life Foundation. Thanks Kling!

–Many thanks to one of our volunteers for this guest post

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