A Driven Yoga Teacher Discovers the Enneagram at New Life Foundation

yoga forest hallFor the past month Marta Ebner and her husband Stephan have been active volunteers in the New Life community. With a background in yoga Marta came to New Life to share her love of yoga and practice her teaching skills.

What is it about yoga that you enjoy?

There are several things I love about yoga. From the actual doing, moving your body with breath in space and time, then lying in shavasana and resting after the practice until when the session is over and you feel like floating on the clouds.

How did your connection with yoga bring you to New Life Foundation?

I have been traveling around Asia with my husband for a few months, but I started missing teaching yoga, so I decided to stay for a while in one place and teach. I came across New Life Foundation and it seemed a nice project and I decided to take a part of it.

How did New Life Foundation compare to your expectations?

The organization of NLF staff is first class. Their dedication to the project was above my expectation and in general what I am used to seeing.

Did anything about new life surprise you?

I never expected to see so much enthusiasm. Little steps can bring lots of hope for a new start. I have spent 1 month in the foundation and I could really see the changes in the residents.

What have you learned at NLF?

The lesson – Take it easy – from Julian. I admired his coolness and approach to the problems. It really pays off to meditate a lot. And of course the Enneagram.

How does knowing about your enneagram type help you with your yoga practice?

Yoga, like the enneagram is about life in general. The question is – how can we take our yoga practice outside the mat into the world? How to keep the awareness and preserve the energy in state of ( inner) conflicts?- There are may techniques and I have tried a lot of them, from psycho therapy, different yoga styles, meditation techniques, cleaning processes, … I never heard about the enneagram before until coming to NLF, but I started to be curious about it, after seeing there were a few specialists in the foundation. I enjoyed the sessions. It is a good technique connecting spirituality with psychology. Psychology scratces at the surface and digs the old stuff out. You can blame your family, the society and so on, but there is always somthing missing, even after years of therapy. I think it is the spiritual part which is missing. On the other hand the spiritual techniques are surely useful, but sometimes they can take you off the ground and you live in the esoteric world, rather than in the reality, so you need to bridge this and the ennegram is a very good technique connecting the 2 disciplines. It covers the psychological side, but also digs deeper and offers some kind of spiritual healing. Altough I am involved almost 10 years in yoga, I found some new information from the enneagram typography. It helped me a lot to understand more about other types of personalities. I would warmly reccomend everybody to try it out.
A big thank you to Marta for all that she contributed to the community! We wish you the best of luck with your yoga practice and your adventures around the world!

–Many thanks to one of our volunteers for this guest post

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  1. Amazing, Marta. New Life has a unique energy and team spirit. It keeps attracting people with a genuine interest in building supportive community, with a desire to grow and share.. Thank you!!

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