5 Rhythms: Journeys In Dance And Motion

by Karin Hallberg

Dance, 5 rhythmsWe recently had the opportunity to experience our inner journeys in dance and motion through the dynamic movement meditation 5 Rhythms. The practice, devised by Gabrielle Roth in the 1970’s, is designed to open up creative flows and unleash self-imposed limitations and isolation. By moving the body in order to still our minds, 5 Rhythms takes us out on a journey to discover our unlimited possibilities and potential, and teaches us that nothing in life is fixed, but rather, a constant flow of energy.

What are the 5 rhythms?

While dancing the 5 Rhythms, the music goes through five different phases: Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness, which are five different states of being in life. The first rhythm, Flowing, is the impulse to follow our own energy, to be true to ourselves and to respect and attend to our inner needs. This is followed by Staccato, a rhythm that allows us to experience the strength to step out into the world and to connect with our inner truth and clarity. In Chaos, we physically explore the art of fully releasing our bodies, liberate ourselves from all ideas about who we are and open up for an experience of being totally free, intuitive and creative. Lyrical practices the art of coming out of Chaos, being reborn and breaking free from destructive patterns and surrender into the dignity and integrity that we often forget are inside of us. The last rhythm, Stillness, makes us slow down and reconnect with our inner wisdom. It also serves us with the challenge to be still inside throughout movements and changes.

How do the 5 rhythms benefit you?

For Nikki, who brought the 5 Rhythms wave here to us in New Life, the dance has brought profound changes. Instead of feeling discomfort in her body and doing everything she could to escape from it, through movement she has learned to reconnect with her body and to give more love to herself. She also finds it easier to connect with others, since she recognizes the 5 Rhythms not only on the dance floor but also in conversations. Being aware of which ones of the rhythms that are present in the person she is talking to, it becomes easier to have a deeper and smoother communication.

For me personally, 5 Rhythms has been a great opportunity to learn something about myself and my journey. Mainly, it has helped me discover how I react differently depending on which rhythm I am dancing. Finding that some phases more difficult to flow through than others, I also become aware that there are certain situations in life that I find more challenging than others. Being present in those feelings of discomfort, I can use my movements to break through the challenging barriers and take that experience with me into my everyday life. To conclude, a whole set of wisdom to explore and a must-try for anyone who likes to move!

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  1. So great to read your words Karin and to hear how the dance moved you. May you continue to grow and change and open up to all that life is offering you, you beautiful girl. Keep on dancing x x

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