5 Free Ways To Support New Life

New LifeNew Life has grown so much in the past three years, thanks to the generosity of our founder, Johan Hansen, as well as our energetic and enthusiastic staff, volunteers, and residents – not to mention yourself, dear reader.

Nevertheless, we still need a great deal of support in order to keep the New Life project going.

We don’t spend on advertising because the financial contributions we receive go straight towards keep the program as affordable as possible. This means we need your help in spreading the word about us so that people who need help with their healing and recovery can find us when they need to.

There are plenty of ways to support our mission, all completely free:

1. Connect and engage with our social media outlets – we’re on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, and Pinterest. “Like”, “share”, “retweet”, “mention”, “comment”, “+1”, and “favourite” our posts – it may not seem like much but it makes a huge difference for us because it means our content reaches more people.

2. If you have a spare five minutes, write a review on Tripadvisor or talk about us in travel forums like The Lonely Planet. The Fix, a website for drug and alcohol information also has a great reviews section. Your recommendations and testimonials mean the world to us and other people take them really seriously, too!

3. Write about us on your own blog or social media. Some fantastic examples can be found here, and here. The link-backs to our website also help our Google ranking 😉

4. If you know someone who is suffering from addiction, depression, anxiety, stress, burnout, or who wants to work on self-development and inner growth, simply let them know that we exist.

5. Recommend us to organisations, groups, media outlets & websites in your home country/local area or alternatively, let us know their details so that we can contact them ourselves.  They could be organisations that work directly with potential  residents (e.g. detox centres, yoga studios, meditation groups, alternative lifestyle communities, or therapeutic practices). They could also be print and online media with a wide reach where we can post information about the foundation for free. We fit into a lot of thematic categories, from sustainable living to Buddhism and meditation to addiction recovery to yoga and more!

Metta and thanks,

The New Life Community


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