November, 2013

book, "Focus - The Hidden Driver Of Excellence"

Attention And Emotional Intelligence

Ever felt like your smart phone was affecting the quality of your relationships? Are you forever being distracted from the task at hand? Former New York Times science journalist Daniel Goleman’s new book Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence, explores these very issues.


Behind Many Masks

One of the most inspiring things about being part of the New Life project is having the privilege of hearing the stories that people share about their lives. Matthieu from Belgium came to New Life because he was suffering from depression and cocaine addiction. He talks to us about the anger he has to face every day, learning how to be vulnerable, and his determination to succeed in his recovery.


The Snail

The New Life experience is all about seeing life in a different way. A lot of it is about finding the authentic self within us. (…) When we look around us, we find that the journey often leads back to ourselves, as can be seen from this beautiful poem by a New Life resident.


New Life – The Musical

The beautiful and talented Gabriela Jaramillo recently spent time at New Life Foundation as a volunteer. Rather than give a goodbye speech at the morning meeting, she came up with her own unique way of expressing the joy, strength, love, hope fun and friendship.


A Place

Aurélie volunteered at New Life last month, helping out on the agriculture team, contributing to our movie nights, and generally lighting up the foundation with her smile. This was her poetic farewell message to the community.