September, 2013

Emotional Chaos to Clarity

With Phillip Moffitt, Jan 29 – Feb 4, 2013: In the Second Noble Truth, the Buddha shows us that it is the reactivity of the mind as it manifests in various forms of wanting that causes most of our suffering. During this five-day retreat based on his book Emotional Chaos to Clarity, Phillip Moffitt will guide us through a set of Buddhist teachings and practices that can help us develop a set of life skills such as developing mindfulness and identifying core values and intentions.

New Life Retreat

New Moment New Mind New Life Retreat

With Jeff Oliver, 21 – 25 November 2013: Jeff Oliver will be leading a 4 day Vipassana meditation retreat at New Life in November. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn and practice with an engaging and skillful meditation instructor who shares Dhamma in a way that is profoundly relevant to daily life. Jeff’s teaching style is universal, practical, and accessible to anyone, from any culture.