July, 2013

New Life

5 Free Ways To Support New Life

New Life has grown so much in the past three years, thanks to the generosity of our founder, Johan Hansen, as well as our energetic and enthusiastic staff, volunteers, and residents – not to mention yourself, dear reader. Nevertheless, we still need a great deal of support in order to keep the New Life project going.

Volunteer, New Life

Call For Volunteers

Are you interested in mindfulness, yoga, and sustainable agriculture? Do you have counselling, life coaching, or therapeutic skills? Can you whip up a fabulously healthy meal or offer music, dance, or art therapy? New Life Foundation is currently looking for long- and short-term volunteers to help out at our mindful recovery community.

Mitchell, resident

Man In The Mirror

Mitchell’s inspirational farewell speech: “New Life forms a core chapter in the rediscovery of my life. At New Life I found some wonderful tools for living a life full of happiness but, and this is a big but, learning these tools is not enough – however full my toolbox becomes it will not be of any value if I simply store this toolbox in the shed. (…)”