June, 2013

Hungry Ghost Workshop

5 Day Recovery Retreat: From Hungry Ghost to Being Human

With Vince Cullen, 24 – 28 March, 2014: This mindful recovery retreat offers the opportunity to experience a wholly Buddhist approach to recovery from all forms of addiction. This retreat is open to those new to recovery as well as those who have been on the path of recovery for a longer time. All are welcome to sit together to discover and explore alternative and complementary approaches to recovery that support our aspiration of total-abstinence.

Jack, dog

Loving Home Needed For Jack

We need your help! Jack is a beloved member of the New Life family with a touching and courageous story. As much as we love Jack, the foundation is no longer a suitable home for him. We are looking for a dedicated person, family, or shelter that will give him the love and discipline he needs.


Healing Hands

New Life volunteer Karol is the man with the magic hands. His love of good conversation, willingness to share and his impish sense of humour have seen him become part of the fabric of the community. This is his New Life story.