December, 2012


New Life Celebrates! End Of Year Festivities At Our Personal Development Community

A day of wonderful celebrations for the community on December 21st. We focused on the potential for a universal shift into a new era of positivity, of spiritual growth and sustainable development of humanity. Yoga dance, meditation, choir singing, bonfire, delicious meal and film. What a wonderful day!

zamba group

Self Development Retreats

At New Life Foundation we often hold self development retreats for the benefits of our residents and volunteers. Retreats are also open to the general public. Led by wise, engaging and humorous teachers from different schools and traditions of Buddhism, yoga, sustainability and mindfulness, these retreats cover a variety of topics, from vipassana meditation, to Ashtanga yoga and mud building.


Activities To Explore Self Awareness, Create Inner Balance and Have Fun!

One of our residents shares about the activities we do at New Life Foundation for self awareness, inner balance – and fun! Trying new activities and getting regular exercise is said to be vital to recovery, for people (like me) suffering from addictions and also for the residents here battling depression and burnout. Ecstatic Dance, Acro Yoga, Yoga Dance, Chi Gong, Ashtanga Yoga, Belly Dancing, Tai Chi. so many to choose from!