November, 2012


“I came for the community and stayed for the workshops…” – a post by a New Life Resident

Arriving at the New Life Foundation 10 days ago, I gave myself a week to check the place out before deciding to stay. Within a few days I had committed to 3 months and it was the workshops that clinched it. In just 3 sessions I’d learnt incredibly useful life skills and significantly progressed the self-development work I’d began in rehab.

candle festival light

Festival Time in the Northern Thailand

Here at New Life, we’re gearing up to celebrate the annual Loy Krathong Festival in Thailand, which will fall this year on November 28th. Originally, it was a way to pay respect to the spirits of the waters by releasing a floating (“loy”) a lotus-shaped receptacle (“krathong”) made from banana leaves into the local canal, river or lake


Get involved: New Life Foundation’s 10km ‘Wua Walk’ annual fundraising event on November 25!

It’s almost time for our WUA WALK (wua means cow in Thai) – walking, jogging, or running 10km to raise money to buy and cover the initial outlay for a dairy cow. Her milk will be used to produce butter, cheese, yoghurt, and maybe even ice cream to help further our goal to create an organic farm that will offer our community nutritious food and become a learning center for all those interested in sharing innovative, large-scale, eco-friendly farming techniques.