October, 2012

ping pong

Just a little healthy competition

Things can get a little heavy when you are working out the troubles in your life on a daily basis. Its important that we stay focused to work through such difficult issues, but its also important to stay relaxed. Whether you are in recovery from addiction or working through depression or anxiety, the residents’ program can be emotionally intense. So where does one blow off some steam around here?

children group

Agape Children’s Home a Rewarding Excursion

Last Sunday, a dozen residents and volunteers visited Agape Children’s Home. Some children are orphans, some have HIV/AIDS, some have been abandoned or abused, and others have parents to prison. Something they all share, however, is the care and love they receive at Agape. The home has a warm, safe atmosphere with lots of colour, a vegetable garden and pets.

yoga forest hall

A Driven Yoga Teacher Discovers the Enneagram at New Life Foundation

Yoga, like the enneagram is about life in general. The question is – how can we take our yoga practice outside the mat into the world? How to keep the awareness and preserve the energy in state of ( inner) conflicts?- There are may techniques and I have tried a lot of them, from psycho therapy, different yoga styles, meditation techniques, cleaning processes etc.

smile woman flower

Brona’s New Life Experience

I came to New Life to find some direction in my life. My favorite part was learning about the enneagram and understanding my personality type better, what makes me tick and my traits. I had never heard about the enneagram before, just the Meyers Briggs system. The enneagram went into more detail about childhood behavior and gave more insight into a career path.


Mary Pipes Leads Workshops for a Week

Mary’s workshop was based firmly in the understanding that it is not what arises in us that determines whether we are okay or not, but how we respond to it. She introduced concepts and exercises that encouraged us to call on our inherent qualities of compassion, spaciousness and clarity in getting to know, and welcome our feeling nature, including, towards the end of the workshop, some of our stronger emotions.

hanne resident

Hanne: a New Life Resident

I came to New Life because I was tired. I had traveled 7 months nonstop, without stay in one place for a while.
My father passed away one year ago and I was running away my feelings. I didn’t want to face the truth. Also I quit my anti-depressants after I had used them for 11 years. New Life helped me a lot. I finally deal with some of my feelings about my father and I let go some of my shames.