July, 2012

bread, New LIfe

The Bread Fairy

Often on weekends, we awake to the aroma of fresh baked bread – a massive treat since bread isn’t part of the usual Thai diet. While we have a Thai cook on staff, volunteers and residents are invited to cook for the community, so we enjoy meals with diverse international themes.

New Life group

New Life’s Group!

New Life works because of the people who arrive here. Everyone contributes whether they know it or not. It might be a kindness to someone, laughter, going the extra mile at work, or it could be simply listening to someone, sharing travel experiences, or life stories.


Basketball at New Life

The weekly New Life Foundation basketball is fast, furious and competitive. The congregation of dogs–our two included – plus village children add a boisterous cheering section. We’re not ready for the NBA, but it’s still quite a respectable pick-up game.