March, 2012

Vince Cullen

Hungry Ghost Retreats

Vince Cullen, himself a recovering alcoholic, has been running workshops and retreats for a number of years. His mindful recovery retreats offer an opportunity to experience a wholly Buddhist approach to recovery and intend to show participants that “there is life after drugs and alcohol and it’s a very good life.” A video:

Earth Breathing

Earth Breathing, Breathing Earth

With Jon Jandai & Vichak Panich, 2 – 6 May 2012: Opportunity to learn meditation techniques, Buddhist teachings and practices with an experienced instructor. This five-day retreat brings together the state of embodiment in meditation practice and daily activities in a mindfulness-based recovery community.


Living Empathetic Intelligence

With Louise Romaine, 28 – 30 March 2012: The course will cover a basic introduction to Nonviolent Communication with a focus on practice. People experience how moment-to-moment attentiveness shifts interactions from antagonism and conflict to wide connection. We will practice honesty, empathic listening and self-empathy to access our own resources of compassion, curiosity and resilience.