New Life Foundation

Our mindful recovery community offers a rich and supportive learning space for anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of themselves. Many of us have struggled with hardships and difficulties but have never had the opportunity to heal. At New Life, people from all over the world come together to find new ways to relate to the challenges they face. Here, we come to the realisation that no matter how isolated we may feel, we are never alone.

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Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of New Life, meet some residents and volunteers, and get to know our team.


Benefit from our full mindfulness program, the guidance of our therapists, and the support of our community.


Support our community, share your skills and learn new ones, work in agriculture or earth building, and learn about mindful living.

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Our Program

  • Meditation

    Practice kind awareness of thoughts and emotions and learn to relate to yourself with care and acceptance.

  • Yoga

    Restore inner harmony and renew the connection between body and mind.

  • Tai Chi

    Discover a balance between flexibility and strength and harness the energy of mindful movement.

  • Life Coaching

    Work on difficult personal issues with the support of our life coaches.

  • Workshops

    Cultivate mutual support, growth, and change with the wide variety of therapies on offer.

  • Enneagram

    Develop self-awareness and investigate possibilities for growth with Enneagram tools.

  • TRE

    Access a deep state of relaxation and release stress with Tension or Trauma Release Exercises.

  • Addiction Recovery

    Explore different ways of dealing with addiction through mindfulness.

  • Dance

    Connect with others and face challenges in a playful and creative way with dance therapy.

  • Support Groups

    Share your experiences, struggles, and insights with others in both peer-led and facilitated groups.

  • Leisure

    Enjoy the tranquility of the beautiful surroundings and participate in community-organised excursions.

  • Working Meditation

    Put mindfulness tools into practice whilst caring for our community.